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DURATION | 10 X 22’

LANGUAGE | Portuguese

TECHNIQUE | 2D animation


SCREENPLAY | Andréa Midori Simão, Thiago Faelli


DIRECTOR | Andréa Midori Simão

ART CONCEPT | Elisa Sassi

PRODUCTION | Sardinha em Lata




In each of its 22-minute episodes, the animated series Undo deals with a noia experienced by two pug dogs: Gif and Mups. In fact, Gif is the one who will live through it and the quiet Mups can even live through her friend's out of sorority, since she does everything for her.

With stories full of self-deprecating acid humor, UNDO tells the story of these two dogs in a semi-serialized format, in 10 semi-independent episodes, that is with a tenuous narrative arc running through them.

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