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How much does it cost to make a minute of animation?

The price for an animation movie varies a lot depending on several factors as,  for example, technique used, number of characters, number of scenes, duration of the movie, complexity of the drawing between many other things. It is not possible to calculate a proper budget for a project whitout knowing what it will look like, having a sinopse and knowing the lenght of the movie. 

How much time does it take to make a movie?

In the same way that the price per minute of animation can change, it also happens with the time of production, besides the reasons stated in the previous question changing the time it takes to be made, the size of the team is also very important. We had movies in which we took two years to produce 7 minutes and others in which we were able to do the same time in about 3 weeks.

Where can I watch your movies?

Some of our movies are available online and can be easily found through our site, others are available in DVD. The most recent movies usualy start running a circuit of festivals and only after some time will we be able to make them available in other means. There are also movies in which we work but we do not have the rights over the project. The distribution and visualization of those movies aren't allowed by the owner sometimes.   

Which techniques do you use in your movies?

We use several distinct techniques on our movies. We believe that each project is independent being the technique to serve the movie and not the oposite. Starting from this premise, each movie demands a different technical and graphical study, that goes from the most traditional techniques of animation, to the most advanced and technological and, in many cases, a fusion of both.

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