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TECHNIQUE | 2D animation and Stop Motion


SCREENPLAY | Gisela Casimiro , Rafael Calça


DIRECTOR | Nuno Beato

ART CONCEPT | Nuno Beato

PRODUCTION | Sardinha em Lata





"SPERANSA" tells the story of a brave nine-year-old girl from a tabanka (village) in

current Guinea-Bissau. In the middle of the 16th century, the newly built fort of Cacheu

was strategic for the slave trade practiced by the Portuguese Crown. After failed

negotiations, and in the face of resistance from her people, the village where SPERANSA

lives is attacked. The girl is separated from her family, baptized "Esperança" and forced

to board a ship. During the trip on the high seas, and faced with inhumane conditions,

SPERANSA joins the other enslaved people in a revolt, fighting for survival and freedom.

Only by using ancestral knowledge and tools will SPERANSA be able to find her mother

and return home.

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