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LANGUAGE | Portuguese

CLIENT | Meiofumado



DIRECTOR | Nuno Beato

ART CONCEPT | Nuno Beato

PRODUCTION | Sardinha em lata

PZ "Autarquias" 

(Music included on the album "Rude Sofisticado" released in May 2012)



With Portugal in a state of recurrent crisis, the band PZ passes its critical, bare-bone and ironic eye over the State of the Nation under the theme of “Local Government”.
This look has been masterfully synthesized in this video clip, which produced a monstrous caricature of the insatiable and ruthless System that uses all of its agents of Power to feed and multiply.
We are ants before the Economic Universe that is becoming so big we are unable to recognise its existence, such is the difference in scale.
But rain or shine we continue to work, we continue to walk to and fro’, we continue to live in our Little Worlds which are buckling under the fear of Crisis.
What can we do? We’re better off laughing at our misfortune, simplifying processes, confronting the monster.

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