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DURATION | 39 x 3’ 

TARGET | Preschool

LANGUAGE | No dialogue


DIRECTOR | Pablo Jordi

SCREENPLAY | Veronica Lassenius, Pablo Jordi, Pete Reeves, Quim Pañart 

ART CONCEPT | Veronica Lassenius 


PRODUCTION |  StorFisk, TV3, Imiria Entertainment

YEAR |  2009

Sardinha em Lata was responsible for the animation of 9 episodes.


© Stor Fisk, Televisió de Catalunya, Imira Entertainment







Saari narrates the adventures of a creative group of friends who live on a beautiful island called Saari.
In each episode, Pulpo the octopus, Buu the lady owl, the sensitive Pii, and Rikitiki the bohemian bird explore the fantastic and imaginary world of Saari, finding surprising and funny ways to face the challenges of childhood. Friendship and respect are the core values of the show, as they learn to share, help each other and express their feelings. Our tiny characters live in harmony with nature among giant berry trees or bushes that feel like forests.

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