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DURATION | 52 x 3'

TARGET | All ages

TECHNIQUE |  2D Animation


SCREENPLAY | Filipe Santos and Miguel Leão


DIRECTORS | Bernardo Pacheco and Pedro Rodrigues 

ART CONCEPT | Bernardo Pacheco and Pedro Rodrigues 

PRODUCTION | Sardinha em Lata

YEAR | 2021


Pete and Bern’s are two siblings hatched from the same egg, a connection that makes them inseparable. Despite this that have almost nothing in common and must learn to coexist with each other.

This show is about the eternal love hate dance between two brothers, born from the same egg but with completely different views and attitudes.

Each with is own craze, but inevitably together they have deal with the day to day adversities, or with the dangers of a great adventure. In this show that has the entire world as a stage this two brothers have the leading role.

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