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LANGUAGE | No dialogue

TECHNIQUE | 2D Animation, Drawn characters with live action backgrounds and painted textures


SCREENPLAY | Pedro Serrazina 


DIRECTOR | Pedro Serrazina 

ART CONCEPT | Pedro Serrazina and Natalie Woolf 

ANIMATION |  Carina Beringuilho, David Doutel, Rita Cruchinho, Pedro Brito

MUSIC | Harry Escott

PRODUCTION | Sardinha em Lata, Photon Films, Unforgiven, Filmógrafo

FUNDING |  MC, ICA, RTP, Film Fonds, Rotterdam Media Fonds 


SUPPORTS | CMMN, CMP, Casa da Animação

YEAR | 2010



In a rocky island exposed to the elements, a lighthouse keeper lives alone with his daughter.
From the top of his tower, the father keeps vigil to the horizon line and for the safety of the passing sails.
With no other company, the girl develops a unique complicity with the sea, which brings her toys in the shape of debris on the shore.
Following the rhythm of the waves, these objects will unveil previous events, memories that the tide cannot erase…


2011   Curtas Sadinas, Portugal

   Best Animation

2011   Lucas International Children's Film Festival , Alemanha

   Best Animation

2011   Festival Ibérico de Cinema de Badajoz, Espanha

    Honorable Mention

2011   CINEPORT - Festival de Cinema de Países de Língua Portuguesa, Brasil

   Best Short Film

   Best Short Film of June

2011   Shortcutz Lisboa, Portugal

   Best Animation

2011   FIKE Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragens, Portugal

   Best Short Film

2010   Cinanima - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Animação de Espinho, Portugal​

    Honorable Mention

2010   AniMadrid Pozuelo de Alarcón - Comunidad de Madrid, Espanha

   Special Mention Short Film Jury

2010   Encontros Internacionais de Cinema, Televisão, Vídeo e Multimédia de Avanca, Portugal​

   Honorable Mention

2010   Ovarvídeo, Portugal

   Prize Cidade Ovar

2010   Faial Filmes Fest, Portugal

   Best Animation

2010   Filhinho -  Festa do Cinema Galego e Português, Portugal

   Honorable Mention

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