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LANGUAGE | Portuguese

TECHNIQUE | 2D animation and Stop Motion


SCREENPLAY | Possidónio Cachapa, Cristina Pinheiro


DIRECTOR | Nuno Beato

ART CONCEPT | Nuno Beato


MUSIC | Gaiteiros de Lisboa

PRODUCTION | Sardinha em Lata, Caretos film, Midralgar, Basque Films

FUNDING | ICA, DAS, FABLAB, Xunta Galicia, ICAA, MC, Televisión de Galicia, Ibermedia, CNC, AGADIC, Region Sud, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, DAS, HP, Hotel Roma, Diversey, Seaworld





Rosa, a top professional woman, highly rated in the business market, leads a demanding life entirely dedicated to her work. The sudden death of her grandfather, from whom she had progressively moved away, due to her endless work, ends up causing her a sudden attack of stress, that puts her choices in doubt. Rosa decides to leave the city and set out to find the place and the memories of her childhood, lived with her grandfather. When she arrives at the isolated property, in the middle of the Trás-os-Montes landscape, she discovers that her grandfather left her a set of practically abandoned lands and an almost in ruins house of her childhood. Driven by the remorse and the need to find new goals to herself, she starts rebuilding her house and grow the fields. Rosa, however, is not alone on her quest. In addition to the people with whom she will establish new bonds, there appears a group of clay demons, modeled once by her grandfather, who seem, at times, to come to life, advising, guiding and consoling her, as grandfather himself would have done.



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