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DURATION | 10 X23’

LANGUAGE | English

TECHNIQUE | 2D animation


SCREENPLAY | Ana Queiroz, Álvaro Taruma


DIRECTOR | João Roxo , João Graça

ART CONCEPT | Nuno Plati, Hélio Januário

PRODUCTION | Sardinha em Lata (Lisboa) ANIMA Estúdio Criativo (Maputo)




Maputo, 2084. Progress is gaining ground. The political machine is determined to modernize the city, but not everyone is on board. A group of young people from the informal economies is determined to use their talents to fight against the end of their traditions and the memory of their ancestors. But Highness, the politician who rules the city, will do everything in his power to eradicate them. Under the leadership of Sakina and her grandmother Orera, the last healers still free, the fight is on!

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