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DURATION | 26 X 11'

LANGUAGE | Portuguese

TECHNIQUE | 2D animation


SCREENPLAY | José María Fernández de Vega


DIRECTOR | José María Fernández de Vega

ART CONCEPT | Fermín Solís Campos

PRODUCTION |  Glow, Sardinha em Lata





Victor, Hugo and Sara are three siblings who go on countless adventures where reality mixes with the fantastic worlds of classic films. 

From creating their own Frankenstein monster, following the footsteps of the invisible man, to fighting a giant plant inspired by the Little Shop of Horrors, you never know what hilarious adventures await these kids. 

The V.H.S. Gang is full of references to classic and nostalgic films from the 90s (the decade in which the story takes place), features a narrator who speaks in rhymes and original songs, transporting its audience to a mysterious and very entertaining environment!

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