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DURATION | 52 x 7’ 

TARGET | Preschool

LANGUAGE | Portuguese, English

TECHNIQUE | Cutout Animation


SCREENPLAY | Marisa Pott 


DIRECTOR | Nuno Beato 

ART CONCEPT | Nuno Beato and Rosa Baptista 

MUSIC | Ricardo Cardoso

DIRECTORS OF ACTORS | Amanda Booth e Maia Booth

ACTORS | Amanda Booth, Amy Hatton, Arabella Ho-You, Bruce Dawson, Emily Kirkpatrick, Jake Heger, Keith Harle, Murray Todd, Poppy Birkby, Tatjana Traniens e Zain Raswani.

SOUND STUDIO |  Pimpampum

PRODUCED WITH THE INVESTMENT OF | Sardinha em Lata, StorFisk, RTP, TV3, ICA, Big Picture, FICA 

YEAR | 2010


Support: CMMN




Gui – Emma’s imaginary friend, lives in a magic world beyond the clouds. Emma, as a dreamer who won't stop wearing her (seemingly odd, yet) magic boots. Throughout out our episodes Emma has to go and help Gui. During these adventures she discovers how wonderful Gui’s magic world is and becomes fascinated with the idea of moving to Gui’s world. On the other hand, Gui makes Emma see her own world can be as wonderful as the magic world beyond the clouds. They become best friend.

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