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DURATION | 26 x 3’ 

TARGET | Preschool

LANGUAGE | Portuguese, English

TECHNIQUE | 2D Animation and stop motion

DIRECTOR | Diogo Viegas

ART CONCEPT | Diogo Viegas


PRODUCTION |  Sardinha em Lata, RTP, Alice A.I.E., HAMPA, RTVE, Gepetto Films, Lightbox, Parrocha Studio

FUNDING | ICA, Xunta de Galicia, AGADIC, À Média, Instituto e Crédito Oficial, Generalitat Valenciana, BRDE, FSA, ANCINE






Have you ever imagined what it would be like to see a five-year-old girl's diary, who loves to turn her day into art? Like many other five-year-old kids, Alice likes to talk a lot and express herself. She always wants to tell how her day was, what she learnt, her ideas and her opinions about everything! So, her mom Ana, starts to encourage Alice to register her opinions on her way on a notebook. ALICE'S DIARY emerge.

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