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DURATION | 13 x 7’

LANGUAGE | Portuguese

TECHNIQUE | 2D Animation

SCREENPLAY | Diogo Viegas, Steve Middleton

DIRECTOR | Diogo Viegas

ART CONCEPT | Diogo Viegas


PRODUCTION | Sardinha em Lata




Luckily for us, King Gaston can, and we're in the front row as he uses his childlike enthusiasm to try and build the best kingdom ever for himself and his friends.

Invariably, his ambitious plans are doomed to failure and, as a result, "King Gaston" becomes a series about imaginative problem-solving, as Gaston accepts his initial mistakes and, with the help of his friends, tries to create something useful out it. The fact that he always succeeds in the end is down to his relentless passion for his kingdom and the unwavering support of his friends!

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