LANGUAGE | Portuguese

TECHNIQUE | 2D Animation


SCREENPLAY | Ana Mendes 


DIRECTOR | Marta Monteiro 

ART CONCEPT | Marta Monteiro 

DIRECTOR ASSISTANT | Filipa Gomes da Costa 

ANIMATION | João Silva, Carina Beringuilho, Armando Coelho, Vanessa Namora Caeiro, João Gargaté e Filipa Gomes da Costa, Nuno Romeiras


MUSIC | Fernando Mota and Rui Rebelo

PRODUCTION | Sardinha em Lata

YEAR | 2011



Clélia is a woman who is comfortable with her solitude. With it, she fills her Lisbon house, patio and garden. She attends to her plants and one day, almost without noticing, she begins talking to them... "What am I doing? Now I’m talking to flowers?!" - questions Clélia. The reply comes from her neighbour who talks to her pots and pans...


Honorable Mention (Prize António Gaio)

2011, Cinanima - International Animated Film Festival of Espinho, Portugal


Prize Don Quijote |  2011, Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal

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